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Use SongClips to divide up any song in your Music library into individual clips.

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SongClips User Guide.

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SongClips User Guide 1.0.

Note: Some information here is out of date -- app has ben update beyond 1.0.
Use SongClips to divide up any song in your Music library into individual clips. You can then quickly jump to different clips or have play back loop on a clip. You can also add lyrics to the clips and have the lyrics appear as the song plays. It is a great way to practice the lyrics for a song, especially lyrics in a foreign language.

On the "No songs" screen tap to add songs.

On the "Add songs" screen select one or more songs from your iTunes Library.

The songs you selected will appear on the "SongClips" screen. Tap on a song entry to enter the play back screen.

On the play back screen you can play the song by touching the middle button in the bottom control bar. A song begins with a single clip. Tap the paper clip icon button to bring up the "Clips" screen, where you can add or delete clips.

The "Clips" screen shows you a list of clips that you have created for your song. Initially there is only one clip. Tap the upper right edit button or the arrow icon on the right of the clip to bring up the clip editor screen.

On the clip editor screen Tap "Split" to create a new clip at the current play back location. Tap "Merge" to delete the current clip by merging it into the previous clip. You can scrub thru the song by touching and dragging the play back control. On this screen the play back head is in the middle of the song, 2.6 minutes into the 5.1 minute song. Tapping "Split" now will create two clips of equal length.

After splitting the clip into two you now see the second clip. At the bottom of the screen, the start time is show on the left and the clip duration is shown on the right. Touching in the gray area at the top will bring up the keyboard to add text to the current clip.

The word "Second" has been entered into the second clip. Tap "Done" in the top right to dismiss the keyboard. Tap the Previous button to bring you to the first clip:

The first clip is shown. Tap the left pointing arrow icon at top left to take you back to the "Clips" screen.

A listing of the ciips added to the song are show. Tap the top left arrow to go back to the play back screen.

On the play back screen you can scrub thru the song by dragging the play back head. To jump to the next clip tap the next button, to jump to the previous clip tap the previous button. The "i" bottom in the top right takes you to the song details screen:

On the songs details screen you can move clips into and out of the app. Use the Copy button to copy the clips the clip board. Use the Paste button to import clips from the clip board. Use the Email button to email clips to somebody. It's convenient to create the clips in SongClips, then email them to a desktop computer where its easier to edit lyrics, then email the clips back to the device to Paste (import) back into SongClips.

Here's the email for our example clips:

Song Label: An Example Song
Song Title: An Example Song
Album Title: Album Example
Artist: Artist Example
Duration: 00:05:04.9920
Clips: 2
Exporter: SongClips 1.20
Export Date: 2012-02-16 05:14:03 +0000
Clip: 1
StartTime: 00:00:00.0000
Duration: 00:02:34.6454
Text: An Example Song
Clip: 2
StartTime: 00:02:34.6453
Duration: 00:02:30.3465
Text: Second

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