The vision: Export an innovative software development strategy to enable Jamaican youth to prosper in the global internet knowledge economy.

The question: Is a cutting edge software development and educational approach transferable to the youth of Jamaica and can it be the means to open up new opportunities for them in the internet economy?

John Henry Thompson will attempt to address this question by participating in the lead up to a Mobile App contest and by leading a workshop at the up coming Hackathon in Jamaica, West Indies.

Technology has rapidly evolved from low cost desktop computers to web/mobile platforms and the barrier to entry is constantly dropping for anyone, anywhere in the world, with the right skill set to be a creative participant. John Henry, has been working, teaching, and exploring the emerging edge of technology for over 30 years, and in recent years partnered with EP Visual Design to deliver content management, training, and mobile solutions to a variety of clients, from large corporations to small business. The team at  EP Visual  builds on affordable web hosting back-ends (php, coldfusion, etc.), web standards (html5, jQuery, etc.), to create mobile applications (SiteClone and Synthes apps) and  custom content management and training systems ( From John Henry’s professional experience and that of the  EP Visual team,  an effective development and learning methodology can be shared with Jamaica via Mobile App contest mentoring and a Hackathon  workshop. The EP Visual team includes Jervis Thompson,  Phil Sinatra, and Jay Kellett. Jervis and Phil are professors of digital media at Drexel University. John Henry was a professor of digital media for over 8 years at New York University, Tisch School of the Arts, ITP.

John Henry does not presume his approach is the right one for Jamaica, or people working in Jamaica. This engagement can be seen as a opportunity to share the methodology and gather information about what modifications, if any, would work best for Jamaica. A dialog and sharing to address the initial question will be established by working remotely via email and Skype video conferencing and, if deemed appropriate, documented via a blog  hosted and maintained by  John Henry  for the duration of the engagement.


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